Joey D


Height: 6'
Weight: 220lbs
Cock: 9.5"
Best Asset: Chest
Favorite Muscle: Legs
Sexual Role: Top


Joey's Baking Accident

Joey D loves baking, but this morning he had an accident and got the flour... [read more]

Joey D & Johnny V Part 2

...Continued from last week. Part two of this steamy scene finds Joey D... [read more]

Joey D & Johnny V Part 1

Part one of this release finds Joey D lying in bed reading with his muscle... [read more]

Joey D Solo 2

Joey D was cleaning out his storage space and got sweaty which always makes... [read more]

Joey D Shaves

Joey D wanted to show off his bulking progress during his shave. He's been... [read more]

Chris Harder & Joey D

Chris Harder, is this week's newest hunk. This ripped, hairy hunk is super... [read more]

Joey D Solo 5

Joey D is our most requested solo scene and it's a good thing because he... [read more]

Cory Prince, Angel Cruz, Joey D & Johnny V

This week we find the Spanish HUNKS Cory Prince and Angel Cruz joining... [read more]

Kyle Kash & Joey D

This week, Kyle Kash is initiated as a HUNK. Kyle and Joey D have been... [read more]

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